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Stemtree’s after school Science, Technology, and Engineering programs are coordinated through the PTA/PTO of local elementary schools. The after school program introduces and/or enhances the understanding of key concepts while creating a fun and engaging atmosphere. It emphasizes learning through fun while offering an opportunity for young students to be introduced to science and engineering in an environment where they can explore and be creative in the learning process.

Each program may run three, 6-12 week sessions during the school year: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Once the program is contracted with the school PTA/PTO, the PTA program coordinator provides the school procedures and details on the program prior to the start date.


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We supplement your core science program and enable the development of your own science curriculum. We also prepare students for science testing, i.e., SOL.

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Voted Best STEM Program 2016

Stemtree was voted the best STEM program in the DC area

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