Regular Program

The Stemtree monthly program offers K-12 students a chance to review, learn, and apply basic sciences through its engineering, science, and technology workouts. Students can attend our center once a week for 90 minutes or twice a week for 50 minutes.

We conduct an assessment for each subject to ensure that we maximize your child’s time at Stemtree and customize a learning plan corresponding to his/her previous experiences and knowledge level. Our customized learning plans, along with our extremely flexible scheduling, guarantees that no material will be missed if a student is not able to attend a session. The session can be made up another day.

We also provide tutoring services in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Programming, and provide science SOL and AP exam support.

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We supplement your core science program and enable the development of your own science curriculum. We also prepare students for science testing, i.e., SOL.

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Voted Best STEM Program 2016

Stemtree was voted the best STEM program in the DC area

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